Downhole Application

Commonly used to provide accurate control & measurements during directional drilling, the use of Measured While Drilling “MWD” tools provides real-time information about the conditions at the drill bit. Due to drilling depth, it is not practical to power MWD tools from the surface, therefore batteries tailored to operate in high temperatures ( up to 225 °C) and vibration / shock loads must be deployed. Due to their superior energy density (increased run time) lithium primary batteries have become the industry standard over the last 30 years.

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Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG)

The use of Pipeline Inspection Gauge “PIG”, allows for the pipeline operator to perform required inspection and maintenance operations without stopping the flow of product in the pipeline. Modern PIGs use sophisticated instruments to collect pipeline data and require the use of onboard batteries to power the electronics. In addition, various location of pipelines and pipeline, the onboard electronics not only need to store the data for the duration of the service, but utilize locational technology to correlate the acquired data.

As government regulations start requiring more frequent inspections and the increase in sensors/data on the PIG, the use of high energy and reliable batteries are required to meet the growing power demand. Coupled with operating temperature environments above 100°C lithium non-rechargeable batteries are the technology of choice.

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Specialized Markets

Aerospace, Medical, Military, Oceanographic

Non-rechargeable batteries continue to offer power solutions for applications that don’t have ready access to a generating source or limitations in the device being powered. Long shelf life couple with wide operating temperatures make Engineered Power cells well suited for applications such as soldier power, emergency locator transmitters and environment sensors. In addition, unique requirements for high temperature sterilization tolerances for medical equipment to high vibration/shock designs for aerospace applications are met with Engineered Power’s chemistry and cell designs.

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Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Operating voltage (3.67V OCV), high energy/power capability and wide operating temperature capability (-55°C to 225°C).

Lithium Sulfuryl Chloride

Operating voltage (3.9V OCV), high energy/power capability and superior low temperature capability over other lithium non-rechargeable chemistry (-40°C to 100°C).