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Energy Storage products for Ocean, Military markets and more

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Check out our complete line of 3.9 Volt high-temperature sulfuryl chloride cells designed for pressure gauge market.

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providing energy storage solutions from the simple to the most extreme environments for over 20 years.

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producing non-rechargeable cells specifically designed to work in high vibration/shock environments and temperature ratings up to 225 °C.

Coupled with our rigorous cell manufacturing process that includes intensive product inspections to ensure maximum performance, reliability and shelf life, Engineered Power works with numerous battery pack assemblers to meet your application needs.

Engineered Power Core Competence includes:

Advanced Lithium-Primary Cell Designs

  • AAA to DDD sizes available
  • Proprietary Spring Mechanism
  • Increased Ratios of Active Materials
  • Reduced Internal Mechanical Welds
  • High temp/shock/vibe tolerant
  • Advanced Safety
  • Custom cells available

Advanced Lithium-Primary Chemistry

  • Choice of Electrolytes and Custom Design
  • Custom electrolytes for demanding applications
  • High Energy, Low Self-Discharge Li-CFx chemistry
  • High Power, Hybrid Li-CFx/MnO2 chemistry
  • High Energy, Low Temp Lithium Sulfuryl Chloride chemistry